Democrats are Unwittingly Killing Themselves and Want To Take You With Them

The democratic party keeps knocking back hemlock in spite of repeated warnings of its lethal potency. Unfortunately the party suffers from severe memory loss and insist it is the GOP, or leftists, or progressives who drank from the poisoned cup. The dems are now tapping their feet, impatiently checking their watches, wondering why in the hell is it taking so long to kill off their rivals. Don’t they realize that objecting to the democratic party’s candidates is EXACTLY what the Trump administration wants? Don’t they realize that standing in the way of virtually anything that the democratic party says or does, no matter how trite, is tantamount to censorship? 

Presently the democratic party is gleefully assigning blame for their own costly mistakes under the Obama administration to the GOP. They are also assigning blame for their humiliating series of losses across the nation to one Vladimir Putin, an evil genius who is in possession of a secret recording of a piss soaked commie fuck fest starring America’s favorite deranged billionaire Donald J Trump, whose good name would be forever tarnished should the reason behind his predilection for all things gold get out to the public. In order to preserve his wholesome image, so beloved by the American people, he agrees to go along with Putin’s demands and together they dupe their way to the white house, where they are currently brainstorming how to further humiliate and shame America.

There’s just one problem though: most people aren’t buying this and rightly so.

To be clear: I’m not lauding Trump, I’m not excusing his behavior, he is a racist fearmongering con artist to boot and his actions merit serious scrutiny. I’d applaud the efforts of the democratic party “resistance” if they bothered to engage in such scrutiny in good faith rather than continuing to push as hard as they possibly can this complete and utter bullshit about Russian interference. Russia/Trump connection theorizing is too often the democratic party’s and the media’s immediate priority, putting them at odds with millions of Americans for whom this is decidedly not their foremost priority. You cannot seriously ask SNAP recipients to focus their attention on a dubiously sourced series of revelations regarding Putin’s intent to sabotage the US and set aside their anxieties about that $8.7 billion SNAP cut that Obama signed into law in 2014 as part of a trend of aggressively yanking money from programs that are essential to the health and welfare of an increasingly large number of American households.

The United States is sabotaging itself and it’s pretty fucking obvious to the rest of the world. The US doesn’t need Russia’s help, they’ve affixed the millstone to themselves.

The democrats continue to treat Trump like he’s an idiot and a joke at the same time they’re claiming that Trump is smart and capable enough to hide the one thing the media and the democratic party want so much, concrete evidence of an actual connection between Putin and Trump. It is an astonishingly stupid thing to do because it’s fucking incoherent. With all of the leaks coming out of the WH, with all of the powers of surveillance our intelligence agencies possess, how is Trump still outsmarting them? And what does that say about our intelligence agencies?

Americans are aware that the system is broken and in dire need of repair. They are aware that the current economic arrangement is not just unfair, it is criminal. Part of Trump’s appeal as a candidate was his focus on domestic problems and his frequent refusal to engage in discussion about foreign policy. He repeatedly declined to discuss how he would combat ISIS and was roundly criticized for it in spite of the fact that Hillary Clinton already implemented her plan when she was secretary of state and it was a fucking disaster. 

That’s what makes this behavior by the media and the democrats all the more disgusting. They have repeatedly failed the majority of Americans, they have refused to report on issues that are close to home in favor of mostly imagined threats from abroad and how it is critical to deal with those first before we turn inward and attempt to do a damn thing about the serious and frightening problems too many Americans face every single day because of the policies of the previous three presidents—two of which were democrats and all of whom accelerated America’s descent into ruin.

Nevertheless, democrats are feverishly trying to escalate their attacks on Trump as a kremlin puppet, as a man who is unfit for the office he was elected to because his “collusion” with Russia only benefits Putin and so he is therefore prioritizing the interests of Russia over the interests of the US—and this carries with it a brutal irony. This obsession with a non-existent Russian connection routinely eclipses the far more immediate and urgent concerns of America’s working class. It’s also worth mentioning that the working class understands the disastrous results of globalization and they are constantly reminded of it by the empty manufacturing plants that were once symbolic of the idealized America as a nation that rewarded hard work with a comfortable life. Choosing to focus on Russia when America’s infrastructure is crumbling is yet another example that the democratic party, if given the choice, will always side with the wealthy over the electorate. While Americans are desperately trying to get our powerful institutions to focus on domestic issues that have only gotten worse and worse and worse over time, the democratic party will not stop obsessing over perceived problems abroad.

What else can we conclude than that the democratic party and media would much rather force Trump’s hand to attack Russia or a proxy like Syria than they would pressure him to do something to alleviate the suffering of Americans living without health care, or clean water, or full time employment, or homes to go back to. Rather than aggressively covering Flint Michigan’s water crisis, they aggressively covered Trump’s empty podium during the primary and that’s about the best encapsulation of the elite’s attitude toward the rest of us.


They would rather stare at nothing than listen to the working class. They just don’t care. 


6 thoughts on “Democrats are Unwittingly Killing Themselves and Want To Take You With Them

  1. Reblogged this on Writers Without Money and commented:
    I was going to write my own take on the continuing Democratic Party obsession with Russia, but I spent all day shoveling snow and I’m tired. Fortunately this blog entry sums up what I think pretty well.

    I have no idea if the Russian government attacked the DNC. Other than the idea that Julian Assange has already spent more time under what’s essentially house arrest by the British government than he would have done in Sweden for the sexual assault I still don’t know how I feel about Wikileaks. I’m certainly no fan of Vladimir Putin.

    But in the end, none of it really matters. The United States isn’t a banana republic. It’s a vast, multicultural empire with the largest economy in the world. The American ruling class has the most sophisticated system of propaganda that history has ever seen.

    1. But in the end, none of it really matters. The United States isn’t a banana republic.

      The U.S. is a banana republic. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t have had C- Augustus, and now Cheeto, as president.

  2. I feel like the Dem party has been worthy of side-eyeing for awhile now, but this really confirms it. I don’t appreciate the Red Scare Revival/Cold War 2 point 0 rhetoric that’s going on either. It is VERY scary.

  3. Agreed, and they’re starting to go way, way too far on the Russia narrative. They couldn’t bully and shame Sanders supporters into falling in line during the election. They sure as hell aren’t going to be able to argue that Sanders supporters are dupes or bots to pull them into the fold either. It’s such disastrous strategy that I’m inclined to believe they prefer not to be in charge.

  4. Kris Kobach, Hans von Spakovsky and the Koch brothers all existed before anyone gave a thought to Putin. If anything, Putin is hopping on the train they, and their fellow travelers, already made. The Share Blue bozos never mention that the Democratic base doesn’t have the same priorities as the Democrats big money donors. That might account for why more people don’t vote, among other things.

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